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Types of Cloth Diapers

I LOVE  cloth diapers. I love how they are eco-friendly, comfy for my littles, cost-effective, and if I'm being quite honest I love how absolutely adorable they are! I have been cloth diapering for about a year now and will soon have two in cloth. (Yay 2 under 2!) However, I remember when I first started looking into cloth, there was so much information and so many options I was more overwhelmed than anything. This is my second post in a cloth diapering series (if you didn't read my first Why You Should Switch to Cloth Diapers go check it out!). There are many different types and there is no best or worst type. It all depends on budget, lifestyle, and baby. Some are easier to use than others and may be better for daycare or grandparents. Some are better for heavy-wetters while some work best for babies with a wetness sensitivity.

All of these options come in sized and one size varieties. A sized option would be like what you would be used to with a disposable diaper. There a…

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