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Why You Should Switch to Cloth Diapers

When most people think of diapers, they think of a plastic-like fabric they can fasten around their baby and then later, when soiled, take off and throw away. The fact is that disposable diapers have only been around since the 1950's and if you saw one of these diapers, you would have no clue what you were looking at. It was a pad of paper that was put into rubber pants. The rubber pants still had to be washed so even this was only partially disposable. Modern disposable diapers weren't around until the 70's and 80's. So the diapers think of now were only invented 40-45 years ago. So what did people use before that you say?

Well if you didn't guess it from the title of this post, before then, people used cloth diapers. Back then, cloth diapers were a large cotton square that was folded around the baby and fastened with pins much like safety pins. They could be paired with a cover of some sort to help make them waterproof but it was not a perfect system. The cotton…

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